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Weekend Khao Tom Buffet

A perfect 'Remedy' for your night out

Weekend Khao Tom Buffet

We are thrilled to inform you that our Weekend Khao Tom Buffet is opening!
Customize your hot congee bowl with more than 20 side dish menus.
Join us for a comfort food dinner or an easy after-party dish
Starting this 16 September 2022 THB 459 NET/ person THB 199 NET/ person (Kids 6-12 Years)
Every Friday – Saturday 18.00 hrs – 23.00 hrs

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“A perfect ‘Remedy’ for your night out”

Menu Highlight:
–   Pork knuckle  in brown sauce
–   Stir fried Squid in Curry Powder
–   Steamed chicken
–   Stir-fried Clams with Chilli Paste
–   Dim Sum  Station


Khao Tom:
–    Boiled  Jasmine Rice, Boiled Rice Berry, Congee, Steamed Rice Spicy salad Salted eggs
1. Salted eggs2. Spicy Century Eggs Salad
3. Century Eggs

4. Dried shredded Pork
5. Chinese Sausage
6. Pickled Cabbage
7. Vietnamese Sausage
8. Spicy salad dried shrimp
9. Crispy small Fish

Desserts Menu:
–    Assorted Thai and International Desserts
–    Tropical Fresh Fruits, 2 Kinds of Ice cream
–    Coffee,Tea, Water, and Thai herb drin

Live Station Fried Vegetable:
1. Morning glory
2. White Chinese Chivesd
3. White Baby Pak Choi
4.Bean sprouts
5. Sunflower sprout
6. Chayote leaves
7. Cabbage
1. Chicken
2. Pork
3. Fish
4. Chinese Sausage
5. Vietnamese Sausage 

Station  noodle
–  Baised Pork and chicken noodle soup

Hot dish Rotated menu:
– Spicy Chicken feet soup
– Chinese Vegetable Stew
– Fried Fish with Celery
– Sticky Gravy Crispy Tofu
– Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Egg
– Stir-fried Chinese Olives with pork 

Desserts Menu:
– Assorted Thai and International Desserts
– Tropical Fresh Fruits
– 2 Kinds of Ice cream
– Coffee and Tea
– Water, and Thai herb drinks

Weekend Khao Tom Buffet

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