Recommended Hotel Buffet in Bangkok

Recommended Hotel Buffet

Feel like eating out at a hotel but still don’t know where to choose? To save you time from looking, visit us at The SQUARE restaurant, Novotel Bangkok Silom Road for the most recommended hotel buffet in town.


Hotel buffets in Bangkok


Known as a paradise for foodies, Bangkok showcases different styles of food to please tourists from around the world. The city has plenty of most things when it comes to food. Choices vary from high-end restaurants to street food stalls and include hotel buffets too. With its countless choices of restaurants, cafes, and bars, some people end up picking nothing but go for the nearest food option instead. This can somehow lead to disappointment in many cases. So, don’t let it happen to you! Do some research and be a bit choosy about food! You deserve to eat well on a perfect holiday in Bangkok.

Even when we scope down to focus on hotel buffets only, the list can keep growing and can still frustrate you in deciding which one to try. In addition, it’s true that each hotel tries hard to attract guests through its wonderful environment, beautiful food presentation and fine ingredients. Don’t feel overwhelmed by too much choice though! Let us be your guide in searching for the most recommended hotel buffet in Bangkok.


Reasons to choose hotel buffets at The SQUARE


Among hundreds of choices, The SQUARE at Novotel Silom will never fail to please your taste buds! Our recommended hotel buffet promotion is designed to delight diners with a wide range of seafood offerings such as river prawns, mussels, and more. Most importantly, we dish up a large selection of international dishes together with seafood favourites at an affordable price. Examples of delicious dishes include succulent grilled river prawns, river prawn pasta with tom yum sauce, and popular Thai menus. So, be sure to come hungry and savour the taste of multiple dishes at The SQUARE. Once you try it, you’ll realize that a good thing doesn’t have to be expensive! And even if you aren’t a staying guest at our hotel, you are more than welcome to join our buffet!

Apart from serving a variety of food at a reasonable price, The SQUARE is located in the heart of Silom district. This gives you a convenient way to dine out in downtown Bangkok. Read more here to find out 5 reasons why you should try our recommended hotel buffet!


Explore our recommended hotel buffets


At The SQUARE, we offer delicious buffets every day of the week. Whether you look for a weekday lunch buffet or a river prawn dinner buffet, we’ve got you covered! Plus, we recently promote Saturday brunch buffet as a new addition to the restaurant. According to the increased popularity of the 3 buffet promotions, we are so proud to call them our highly recommended hotel buffet promotions in Bangkok.

For those who think of hotel buffets as something extravagant, you’ll change your mind after knowing that we offer them at THB 299 net per person only for lunch and THB 650 net per person for brunch and dinner. These unbeatable prices are one of the top reasons why you should try our 3 types of recommended hotel buffets.


Recommended River Prawn Dinner Buffet in Bangkok

International Lunch Buffet (Mon-Fri)


Let’s get to know more about our 3 buffet promotions one by one. First, ‘Let’s Lunch’ promotion or a weekday international lunch buffet is perfect for those who work in Silom district. Diners who look for a cosy place to eat at lunchtime will find this promotion interesting as well. We’re sure you’ll love all the hot dishes, cook-to-order pasta, salad bar, and more menus served in this first recommended hotel buffet.

**Available from 12.00-14.30 hrs. Promotion starts from now until 31 July 2019**

Learn more & book lunch now at THB 299 net


Grilled river prawn buffet

River Prawns Dinner Buffet (Mon-Sun)


Next, it’s time for our main buffet promotion ‘Prawns Ja Season 2 dinner buffet’ to be in the spotlight. This promotion has long been established here and the popularity is still on the rise! With the newly introduced concept, available from 1st May to 31st July 2019, you can expect to see a lot of prawn menus on every corner of the buffet. Highlights of prawn recipes include river prawn Thermidor, shrimp with vermicelli, shrimp in fish sauce, and shrimp dumpling soup. Not to mention some non-prawn menus of beef stew, stir-fried squid with salted egg yolk, and Lotus Miang Kham. We’re sure you’ll love a good mix of delicious dishes served in this second recommended hotel buffet.

Don’t wait for too long! Secure your spot online in advance now to get 50% discount. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying the full price at THB 1,299 net per person.

**Available from 18.00-22.00 hrs. Promotion starts from now until 31 July 2019**

Learn more & book dinner now at THB 650 net


Best seafood brunch in Bangkok

Saturday Brunch Buffet

Lastly, The SQUARE now presents a flavourful Brunch Buffet as our third recommended hotel buffet. It’s available from 12.00-14.30 hrs on every Saturday. Special for all brunch guests! We give them free access to the swimming pool as well when dining in with us. So, feel free to bring your favourite swimsuits, enjoy the delicious brunch with us, and jump into the pool later!

Our Saturday brunch highlights include grilled river prawns, fresh oysters, and salmon sashimi. In addition, as the name suggests, having a brunch means that you can enjoy both breakfast and lunch at the same time. So, prepare to gorge on popular breakfast dishes such as egg benedicts, omelettes, cereals, and juices.

Keep in mind that the brunch buffet promotion does not run throughout the year. Therefore, keep an eye on the validity date so you won’t miss a chance to book it. For now, it runs from February until the end of August 2019. Why wait? Book now before the promotion ends!

**Available on Saturday from 12.00-14.30 hrs. Promotion starts from now until 31 August 2019**

Learn more & book brunch now at THB 650 net


The SQUARE restaurant is located on the 6th floor of Novotel Bangkok Silom Road. It’s located in the prime area of vibrant Silom district and is not far away from the 2 BTS Skytrain stations (Surasak or Saphan Taksin), making it a great dining venue for all buffet lovers!

We also provide complimentary parking for all guests dining with us every day.

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