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Hotel Buffet Promotion

Experience the best value Hotel Buffet Promotion at The SQUARE restaurant, Novotel Bangkok Silom Road. We offer a great selection of delectable buffets seven days a week!

Best value Hotel Buffet Promotion

When it comes to hotel buffet promotions, we usually think of them as something extravagant. However, at The SQUARE restaurant, we aim to please all buffet lovers with a delicious yet affordable spread of fresh seafood and international cuisines. Our buffet’s price starts at only THB 359 net.  So, you’ll get a lot of bang for your Baht when dining with us. In addition, our choices of hotel buffet promotions are various and are available year-round. This makes us one of the most favourite dining venues in downtown Bangkok to go to when you feel like eating a lot at buffets.

To ensure your buffet experience here is always awesome, our chef strives to create different styles of buffets seven days a week. For example, we have a weekday lunch buffet for office workers looking for places to eat during a busy lunchtime. Plus, we do have a regular dinner buffet promotion for seafood lovers to enjoy at nighttime.

river prawn dinner buffet

Great spot for lunch gathering

The first hotel buffet promotion we would like to introduce is Let’s Lunch Buffet. This international lunch buffet at THB 359 net per person is suitable for downtown office workers who want to enjoy their lunch before going back to work in the afternoon. Guests can enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes including seafood, dim sum, sushi, pasta and much more international menu. So, you won’t leave with an empty stomach as there are plenty of food and desserts in store for you. For dim sum highlights, you can expect an amazing variety of dim sum including pork dumplings, chicken dumplings, Chinese braised chicken, steamed pork ribs with fermented black bean and steamed sea bass with soy sauce. Besides, there is Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard), salted egg pork nugget, minced pork bun, custard bun and BBQ pork bun as well.

Apart from office workers, our lunch buffet promotion is also a perfect meal for any kind of reunions or social gatherings. This is because our restaurant offers a relaxed ambience and an ideal location in the heart of Bangkok to arrange group meetings. So, if you are looking for a place to hang out at lunchtime, just head to The SQUARE. Simply book your spots online in advance, then you will be ready to have a blast at your group party.

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river prawn buffet promotion

Perfect place to enjoy seafood dinner buffets

Next, it is our most popular seafood dinner buffet that deserves the spotlight. In the current promotion ‘Prawns on Fire‘, guests can enjoy unlimited grilled river prawns along with other fresh seafood on ice and many kinds of international dishes. This hotel buffet promotion is available from 1 February 2020 to 30 April 2020 and you can enjoy it 4 hours non-stop from 18:00-22:00 hrs. Price starts at THB 750 net per person only when you book through our website in advance.

When we claim that we are a perfect place to enjoy seafood buffets, we literally mean it. Apart from river prawns, we also serve oysters, squid and mussels in the latest promotion as well. So, if you think you can fulfil your need to eat seafood only at the seaside, you’re wrong because you can enjoy ocean-fresh seafood in downtown – right at Novotel Bangkok Silom Road!

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A unique buffet experience like no others

At The SQUARE, we insist on delivering the best buffet experience for every guest. Chef Art, Anuwat Vongsa, together with his crews are ready to serve you with delicious dishes. He loves to create an on-trend menu using local ingredients and authentic flavours and fresh products. So, you will be surprised to see many dishes that not only look tempting but also taste great. For example, we have river prawn pasta with tom yum sauce as a signature dish. Besides, our Miang Kham is another popular Thai snack among our guests. Not to mention Chef Art’s masterpiece ‘Gyudon’ that adds the new excitement to the current hotel buffet promotion. Other highlight dishes served at The SQUARE include green curry chicken, steamed sea bass with lime sauce, BBQ grills and more.

For desserts, Chef Art combines many popular items to satisfy your sweet tooth. For the first time ever, we’ve brought bubble milk tea, overload-stuffed bread and cheese toast into the hotel buffet promotion. These sweet items are so popular that we decide to include them in the buffet. So, no need to go anywhere else to search for them. Because we serve them right here at The SQUARE! And, of course, this makes us stand out from the other hotel buffets in town.

Food is always at the heart of our restaurant culture and that reflects in the way we make your buffet experience unique. If you want to taste our buffets now, just click the button below to make an advance reservation online. This way you can save more and seat can be guaranteed before you arrive at our place. Don’t wait! Book now and see you at The SQUARE, Novotel Bangkok Silom Road. It’s a true paradise for seafood buffet lovers.

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