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Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, better known as Wat Khaek, is a Southern Indian-style temple located in Silom district of Bangkok. From Novotel Bangkok Silom Road Hotel, it takes only a 7-minute walk to get to this colourful temple. To date, Wat Khaek has become the city’s most important Hindu place of worship that you should not miss on your trip to Bangkok.


History of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple:

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, in other words, Wat Pra Sri Maha Umathewee was founded by Tamil immigrants in the 1860s. This was the period when many Tamils left their land due to the British colonization in India. Thankfully, there was one Tamil group who came to Bangkok, brought in the trade of gemstones, and built this sacred temple on Silom Road. Today, people know this part of Silom as another ‘Little India’ of Bangkok where you can see a large Indian community with many Indian restaurants and gem shops.

The name of the temple is dedicated to the principle Goddess Mariamman. She is well known among believers as the goddess of disease, rain and protection. Worshippers come here to seek her blessings on love and fertility. Especially for Thai and Chinese people, they visit the temple to wish them luck in their business or even bless their women to become pregnant.

Nowadays, Wat Khaek plays an important role as the most recognisable Hindu place for worshipping and hosting famous festivals. If you happen to be here during September-November, you’ll experience the two important festivals. The first one is Navaratri Festival, while the other one is Diwali Festival or the Festival of Lights. Among all the event highlights, we recommend you to watch a parade of the Uma image carried through Silom Road. The parade will take place on the last day of Navaratri Festival.



Although Wat Khaek is quite small in size, it features vivid decorations that grab the eyes of everyone walking down Silom Road. If you have never been here before, below lists are some of the highlights that you should know about this temple:

  • The entrance is where you will see a tall tower decorated with colourful sculptures of god and goddess in different sizes and shapes.
  • The main shrine features the statue of Uma-Devi, as well as Ganesha, Krisna, Vishnu, and Rasmi.
  • To worship, you can buy flowers, garlands, coconuts, and incense from the stalls both inside and outside the temple. Those who wish to bring their own offerings, make sure there is no meat.


Things to do around Sri Maha Mariamman Temple:

Located right on the corner of Pan Road and Silom Road, you can expect to see the vibrant atmosphere of the temple’s neighbourhood full of flower kiosks, local shops, and restaurants. Among our favourite shops are Ama Bakery and Yen Ta Fo noodles Wat Khaek. So, come and experience this charming area by yourself on the trip to Bangkok! You’ll love the beautiful Hindu architecture of the temple and its surroundings.


How to get here:

Getting to Wat Khaek is easy. If you are a staying guest of Novotel Bangkok Silom Road, just walk towards the direction of Surasak junction. Then, cross the street to the other side and walk a bit further about 500 metres. The temple will be on your right side.

The nearest BTS Station to the temple is Chong Nonsi. Make sure to get off at exit no.3, turn left to Silom Road, then walk a few steps to the temple.


More information:

  • Opening hours:

– Monday to Thursday: 6.00-20.00 hrs.

– Friday: 6.00-21.00 hrs.

– Saturday to Sunday: 6.00-20.30 hrs.

  • Free admission.
  • Please do not take photos inside the temple.
  • Please take off your hat and shoes in the temple area.




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